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On December 11 2020,  in the conference hall of the Ministry of Transport Republic of Tajikistan, the Scientific and Technical Council, which is working on the project "Reconstruction of the Dushanbe-Bokhtar highway phase 2 (street lighting, construction of dividing lines between roads and sidewalks and construction of overpasses at 40-950 km) “Construction of anti-avalanche corridors on the Dushanbe-Chanak automobile road” (changing of direction anti-avalanche corridors from 69 + 350 km to 72 + 700 km) were considered.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Transport Azim Ibrohim, staff of the centers for the implementation of projects and road reconstruction, contractors and development partners and other officials. Requiring the officials to carry out the work, the Minister mentioned that the issue of construction of the roads, bridges and road infrastructure is always under the control of the Government and the Ministry of Transport and everyone must pay serious attention to this work.

In addition, The Minister asked each of the officials about the progress of implementation of work on the projects, Azim Ibrohim gave specific instructions to the project managers, contractors and consultants to correct the shortcomings and ensure the timely and quality implementation of the reconstruction works.