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Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Tajikistan intends to purchase following equipment for road rehabilitation and construction:

1) Crawler/wheeled excavator

2) Crawler bulldozer

3) Frontal loader

4) Motorgrader

5) Roller

6) Boring machine

7) Crane truck

8) Dump truck

9) Truck with trailer 

10) Fuel truck

            All interested Suppliers must submit quotations with price, models and technical specifications of the equipment by hand, mail or electronically to the following address: Ministry of Transport, 14 Ayni Str., 3 rd floor room 308, tel:(992 37) 222-22-21, e-mail: mtrt-invest.dep@mail.ru till 20.08.2015.

Prices for the equipment provided in the quotations must include separately prices from manufacturer, separately prices with shipping to Tajikistan and separately prices with expenses for customs clearance.