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Project Implementation Unit for Road Rehabilitation, Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Tajikistan

Name of assignment:

National Energy Specialist

Project Name:

G0510-TAJ: CAREC Corridors 2, 5, and 6 (Dushanbe-Kurgonteppa) Road Project

CS-02b: Design of Clean Energy Equipment

Period of assignment:

May – September 2018

Deadline for application:

26 March 2018

The Government of Tajikistan has requested the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) assistance to upgrade the 73 km long Dushanbe-Kurgonteppa Road. The executing agency of the Project is the Ministry of Transport (MOT), acting through its Project Implementation Unit for Roads Rehabilitation (PIURR). The Project road is divided into two sections: (i) Dushanbe-Chashmasoron (about 33 km) and (ii) Chashmasoron-Kurgonteppa (about 40 km).

The Project will also introduce clean energy and energy efficiency technologies through (i) solar-based light-emitting diode (LED) lighting of the Project road (73 km), (ii) solar-based power backup systems for communities living adjacent to the Project road, and (iii) LED lighting in the Ozodi tunnel located on the Dushanbe-Dangara road. The equipment for the (i) road lighting will be supplied through the civil works contract; (ii) power backup systems and tunnel lighting will be procured through one goods contract.

The MOT intends to engage the consulting service of one National Energy Specialist (NES) to help prepare drawings, price schedules, and technical specifications for the equipment to be procured under the subject Project.

The detailed Terms of Reference for the assignment can be found on ADB website (adb.org) and UN in Tajikistan website (untj.org).

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The National Energy Specialist (NES) should have an engineering degree in energy or equivalent, preferably with post graduate qualifications. The NES should preferably have at least 7 years of relevant experience in designing and procuring solar-based lighting and back-up solutions. Good written and verbal communication skills in English are required. Knowledge of electrical code and experience in electrical installations of residential and commercial facilities are desirable.

NOTES: Expressions of Interests along with CV forms can be submitted via Consultant Management System on www.adb.org or through e-mail (piurr@bk.ru). Please refer to www.adb.org for further details.