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       Dushanbe, August 9, 2017: Ex-participants of JICA Training Course on Transport have conducted a seminar on logistics. The seminar took place at the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Tajikistan. The main purpose of the seminar was to discuss challenges and opportunities of transport logistics in Tajikistan. The seminar was attended by Mr. Ganjalzoda Sherali, Deputy Minister of Transport, Mr. Hideki Tanabe, Chief Representative of JICA Tajikistan Office, Mr. Ryuichi Shibasaki, the Associate Professor of the University of Tokyo, and other staffs of the Ministry of Transport, Association of Automobile Carriers (ABBAT) and JICA.

According to the Ministry of Transport, Tajikistan has a good geographic position that allows it to link the Indian Ocean’s countries with CIS countries, as well as to be a bridge between the West and South-east Asia.

It is also worth mentioning that Mr. Shibasaki made a presentation on models of development of international cargo from/to Central Asia, including Tajikistan. He mentioned about different routes of international cargo which could potentially be developed in the region.

At the end of the seminar, it was agreed that Tajikistan needs to further continue efforts to develop logistics, especially to build capacity of related staffs, develop information and coordination centers, etc.

The Government of Japan acknowledged the sovereignty of the Republic of Tajikistan in December 1991.  Since then, Japan and Tajikistan have developed friendly and tight bilateral relationship. JICA began its capacity building cooperation with Tajikistan in 1993 by offering 21 seats for Tajik officials to study in Japan.   Total number of participants in training Tajik officials in Japan covers more than 2000 people from early 1993 until 2017.  The Government of Japan mainly focuses on health, agriculture, transport, drinking water supply and energy sectors through these training programs.