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Dear colleagues, honored workers of the transport and road sphere!

With pride, loyalty and respect I extend my warmest and most sincere congratulations on the occasion of the State Independence Day of the country.

The greatest blessing of the Tajik nation at the end of the last century is the state independence of our beloved Tajikistan.

Achieving such freedom - to have a sovereign state and take control of their own destiny has long been a dream of our people. The efforts, will and perseverance of our nation have brought us to this happy day. We and you are the happiest generation, who have tasted the first fruits of independence and are contributing to the restoration and strengthening of its achievements, each in its own place. We have seen with our own eyes all the morning developments of independence and with our own hands we are participating in the construction of the present and the bright future, and together we are building this magnificent palace. We are the representatives of the generation that under the banner of a new Tajikistan under the leadership of the Founder of Peace and National Unity - Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon laid the bricks of our young state and withstood the most difficult tests.

On the eve of this auspicious day, I would like to once again express our gratitude to all the transporters and road builders of the country to our Honorable Leader and pay tribute to their selflessness and self-sacrifice for the sake of peace, prosperity and progress of our beloved Motherland.

Today, it is the tireless efforts of our Leader that inspire each of us, motivate us to new and creative achievements, to enhance the prestige of our country in the modern world. One of the messages of the Leader of the Nation states: “We have chosen to ensure energy independence and efficient use of electricity, to break the communication deadlock and transform Tajikistan into a transit country, to protect food security and access to quality food, as well as to expand productive employment as our strategic goals. We are implementing the country from an agrarian-industrial to an industrial-agrarian form. ”

This point is directly related to the activity of the transport workers. We, under the guidance of our wise President, have been able to fulfill one of the most important and priority tasks of the Strategic Program of the country - to bring our country out of the communication deadlock, and I am confident that we will be able to cope with this task.

We can proudly say that the workers of the branch in the days of the outbreak of the plague - Coronavirus were at work in accordance with the rules of hygiene and worked hard to complete the road construction projects. In this relatively difficult period, our will remained unshakable, we became more united, more sympathetic to each other.

On the eve of our holy holiday, I would like to highlight the achievements of the industry, which were achieved through the efforts of road builders and transporters during the state independence.

During the period of independence of the country in the field of transport more than 1.8 billion US dollars, 53 various public investment projects, including construction and reconstruction of roads and railways, construction of their facilities and projects to strengthen the technical capacity of the sector have been implemented. and other sources: construction, reconstruction and repair of 2248 km of roads, 303 bridges, 2 three-lane and 2 two-lane intersections, 5 tunnels, 3.4 km of anti-avalanche corridors, as well as 218.95 km of railways, 5 bridges and 3 train tunnels. machinery and equipment were purchased.

Today, with the direct support and guidance of the Founder of Peace and National Unity - Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, 10 investment projects in the field of transport totaling 623 mln. 246 thousand US dollars are being implemented.

Today in the market of motor transport services 1674 economic entities, including 221 motor transport enterprises (81 passengers, 104 freight and 36 mixed (freight and passenger), 51 passenger terminals, 11 freight terminals, 1314 points for repair and maintenance of vehicles and 77 There are also 886 passenger routes (180 urban, 571 suburban, 118 long-distance and 17 international (temporarily closed due to the spread of COVID-19).

All the achievements of the industry are many, but we will limit ourselves to the fact that all these successes have been achieved with the support and guidance of the Great Leader of the Nation and your tireless work as a road builder and transporter.

All these achievements are also valuable gifts for the upcoming elections of the President of our dear republic. I am confident that all employees of the industry with a high spirit of patriotism and a strong civic position will take part in this important political campaign of the country and will vote for the most worthy politician for the sake of the future prosperity of the Motherland.

Once again, I would like to congratulate all the employees of the road and transport complex on the occasion of the Independence Day and wish them happiness, prosperity and success in the work of the sphere!

Happy Independence Day!