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 Ministry of Transport  held a board meeting on 07.15.2015. During the meeting three important questions were addressed and  discussed:

 - The results of the transport complex performance of the Republic of Tajikistan in the first half of this year and objectives for  the following first nine months of 2015 (reporter Minister of Transport of the Republic of Tajikistan Sherali Gandzhalazoda  Rakhmon).

  - The results of the implementation of resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan on April 30, 2015 №261 “  About the preparation        

  of sectors of the economy and social sphere of the republic for the efficient operation in the autumn-winter period of 2015-  2016”

 - The process of implementing the decisions of the board meeting of the Ministry of Transport in the first quarter of 2015  09/04/2015

  The heads of enterprises and organizations, as well as public services for monitoring and regulation in the field of transport,  after discussions on the issues above have been  identified to eliminate limitations.