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Invitation for Bids


Date:                                           21 January 2021

Grant No. and Title:                     Grant 0752-TAJ: Road Network Sustainability Project                                                                                                                                                                   

Contract No. and Title:              OCB/CW-02/2020 Okmazor - Dangara Road 


Deadline for Submission of Bids: 4 March 2021 at 10:00 am (Tajikistan time)



  1. The Republic of Tajikistan has received financing from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) toward the cost of the Road Network Sustainability Project. Part of this financing will be used for payments under the contract named above. Bidding is open to bidders from eligible source countries of ADB.
  2. The Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Tajikistan (“the Employer”) invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the construction and completion of Okmazor - Dangara Road Rehabilitation (“the Works”). The Works comprise the removal of bituminous pavement layers, partial removal of the granular pavement material from the existing road, execution of earthworks necessary for the rehabilitation of the existing carriageway, construction of side drains, replacement bridges, as well as the construction of new and replacement/extension of existing culverts, construction of retaining walls, road sub-grade, granular sub-base and base course layers, placing asphalt concrete, and provision of road furniture.
  3. Open competitive bidding will be conducted in accordance with ADB’s Single Stage: Two-Envelope procedure and is open to all bidders from eligible countries as described in the Bidding Document.
  4. Only eligible bidders with the following key qualification requirements should participate in this bidding:


Key Qualification Requirements


Average Annual Construction Turnover within the last three (3) years

US$ 28 million

Financial resources

- Bidder bidding as a single entity

US$ 3.5 million

- Bidder bidding as Joint Venture

Refer to Section 3 of the Bidding Document

Participation as a contractor, Joint Venture partner, or Subcontractor in at least two contracts completed within the last five (5) years

US$ 16 million

Construction experience

- Formation of embankment


280,000 m3 in any one year

- Sub-base/Base course

200,000 m3 in any one year

- Asphaltic Concrete Pavement

30,000 m3 in any one year

- Launching of Girders

(each minimum 15 meter)

24 Number / in any 12-month period

If there are any discrepancies between this Invitation for Bid and the Bidding Document, the Bidding Document shall prevail.


  1. To obtain further information and inspect the bidding documents (which are in the English language), bidders should contact:

Mr Nurali Arabzoda Executive Director

Project Implementation Unit for Roads Rehabilitation Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Tajikistan


Aini Street 14, Room 407

734042 Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Tel/Fax +992 37 222 20 73

e-mail: piurr@bk.ru



  1. To obtain the bidding documents, eligible bidders should either collect them in hard copy (paper copy)

at the address above mentioned or request a soft copy (electronic files) through email (email address: piurr@bk.ru); in that latter case, a password will be provided to download the bidding document.


Whether requesting a hard or soft copy, potential Bidders will be required to pay a non-refundable

USD 400 (four hundred USD) fee by bank transfer to the following account:

Project Implementation Unit for Roads Rehabilitation SSB RT “Amonatbonk”, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

INN: 010013762

MFO: 350101626

Correspondent account: 20 402 972 316 264

Account in USD: 202068401463101000

Account in Somoni: 20202972702247101000



  1. Submit the bid:


relevant ransaction reference “OCB/CW-02/2020: Okmazor - Dangara Road Rehabilitation”

(bidders should note that hardcopy submission will not be accepted)

  • on or before the deadline 4 March 2021 at 10:00 am (Tajikistan time)


  • together with a Bid Security as described in the Bidding Document.


  1. Late bids will not be accepted. Electronic bid opening procedure will take place immediately after

the deadline. Bid opening will be held in a virtual manner using an online conferencing system,

and bidders shall have the option of viewing the opening. The link(s) to the viewing will be emailed

to bidders seven days prior to the opening.


  1. When comparing Bids, Domestic Preference will be applied as stipulated in the Bidding Document.