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Expressions of interest to restore

livelihoods under the Dushanbe - Uzbekistan Border Road Improvement Project, road section from Avicenna Monument to Western Gate


Under the abovementioned project, the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) was developed and implemented, which provides for actions to restore livelihoods for Affected Persons (APs) after project implementation.

The Projects Implementation Unit for Road Rehabilitation is announcing the tender to select NGOs to develop and deliver livelihood restoration training.

The aim and objectives of the Livelihood Recovery Training Package is to develop two targeted training packages for the affected households and to deliver the training packages to institutions organized and established by NGOs. Training should be available to all economically affected displaced households under the RAP (as recommended by the PIU), and monitoring and evaluation should be undertaken to determine success or otherwise in maintaining or improving participants' living standards.

Interested NGOs will be provided with Terms of Reference for the preparation of the proposal. The deadline for submitting the proposal is September 30, 2020.

To obtain TOR, interested NGOs can contact the address below:


Mr. Nurali Arabzoda,

Executive Director,

Projects Implementation Unit for Road Rehabilitation

4th floor, Room 407

St. Aini-14

734042, Dushanbe

The Republic of Tajikistan

Tel. +992 222 20 73/76